The app against using a phone

What is it?

A tapas restaurant in Eindhoven called ‘t Zusje is trying to diminish phone usage during meals. They made a new app for visitors. You can win prizes by not looking at your phone. The longer you don’t look, the more points you will get. These days almost everyone has a smartphone. We’re too busy with our digital life and are all connected with each other through e-mail and social networks. It’s hard to believe that it is possible to live without a phone.

Why is it cool?

This app will connect people socially and will bring people together in a realistic way
instead of a technological one. There will be more interaction at dinner because of this app, which makes it more enjoyable in my opinion. The world will become more social and human. Because of the need to socialise with people in the flesh this app will be successful, and through technological innovation this can become reality. Even though it will be a challenge for the people who cannot do anything without their phone.



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