The magical condom

Sexually transmittable diseases aren’t a small problem in this world. There are a lot of resources to prevent it, but if you have bad luck, or aren’t careful enough there are serious and painful consequences. Is there an efficient way to prevent this from happening? YES, THERE IS! A condom that shows you, by way of colour, if you have an STD.


A condom that changes colour when it detects a sexually transmittable disease right before you have sex. It’s called the S.T.EYE., which is a play on the word STD. It uses technology to detect if there is an STD present. The molecules in the condom will turn a different kind of colour for every different kind of disease. If the condom glows green it’s chlamydia. Yellow is herpes, blue is syphilis and purple means HPV. The condom shows result immediately, which means people don’t have to wait for the result from doctors anymore.


A group of students from the Isaac Newton Academy in Illford took part in a competition for the TeenTech awards and invented the S.T. EYE. The challenge was to come up with technological concepts that could improve the quality of life. The reason why they made the condom is to be more aware of sexually transmitted infections and to encourage people to seek medical treatment after possibly getting infected.

Students Musaz Nawaz, Daanyaal Ali and Chirag Shah (shown left to right) came up with the S.T.EYE condoms as a way to tackle soaring STI rates around the world by providing a visual warning of risk of infection


The students created the condom as a new way to help the future of the next generation. This condom will get them together (sex brings us together) and will help the next generation. Thanks to this new prophylactic, people will be more responsible.  According to a study, the number of people getting tested for STD’s has decreased. So if S.T. EYE. will get accepted, people who use this condom can take direct action because they now know what disease they have without the involvement of a doctor. Furthermore, S.T.EYE. ensures safety, because the condom shows result immediately. So people can take action instantly and it will make them aware of the risk of STD’s.


Through technological innovation, this condom can become reality. Unfortunately, the S.T. EYE. cannot detect all of the infections only about four, so there is room for improvement. But they are on the right track. If this kind of tech spreads to the health sector, there is a possibility that doctors won’t be necessary anymore (for this kind of procedure). People will have the ability to control their health. S.T. EYE is a good example of this. This condom can be our ticket to a healthier future.

Students have designed a condom concept that changes colour when in the presence of bacteria or viruses that cause common sexually transmitted infections. Molecules in the rubber would glow different colours depending on the disease being detected. Pictured is an example of what the condom might look like



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