An effortless alternative

What is it?

A painless patch, the future of vaccination. People who are afraid of needles can start relaxing now. Georgia Tech’s Mark Prausnitz developed a painless patch like a band-aid, you just slap it onto the patient’s skin. The patch consist of 100 microneedles that transport the antibiotics against the flu, rubella or the measles. Although measles and rubella are easily preventable diseases, every year a lot of people die from these diseases. After 20 minutes the microneedles dissolve into the skin and the patch can be thrown away. The patient will be fully vaccinated.

Why is it cool?

Needles are the most effective way to vaccinate, but there are so many problems in the developing world. Also you need special training to administer a vaccine and refrigeration is required to keep the normal needle vaccination viable. This new patch requires no training whatsoever, there is no refrigeration necessary and the patch will have the same price as a traditional vaccine. Because there is no training needed, people can take matters in their own hands and have a chance of saving many lives in for example developing countries. Doctors will not be necessary anymore. If the patch will work the general guality of life will get better. Mark Prausnitz and the National Institute of Health are trying this technology with different vaccines.

How can this patch be reality?

Because the growth of developing technology this patch can be made and will maybe have a very big role in the health sector. This microneedle patch ensures you don’t have to go to a doctor and don’t feel pain. So why not?



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