The helping hand for you

What is this helping hand?

Designstudio Frolic situated in Amsterdam has started a Kickstarter‑campaign for the Pingbell: a bell for your bike so you’lll never lose it again. With the help of a app on your smartphone. The app connects with Bluetooth to the smartphone, it locates the bell and makes it ring. When you push the button ´PING´ the bell will ring and you will be able to find your bike. The app also enables you to track the bell by using a map. If it’s dark the bell will lights up. The battery last a full year and can be charged with a USB-port. Frolic made this app to help people with the everyday problem of finding their bike. They partnered up with a company from Shanghai to develop this concept.

Why is it cool?

These days many devices are connected with the internet, like this Pingbell. The Pingbell uses the internet and your physical position to guide you to your bike. If you are in a hurry and you put your bike somewhere and you have forgotten where it is, this app will be the solution. In the future people can relax because they always know where their bike is.

How to move further?

This technological product can only be realised if the campaign gets enough support from people. They have to finish the app and make molds for the bell. So if you want to use this piece of enginuity, better back this up!

Pingbell main interaction PGL



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