A friend as smartphone

What is Robohon all about?

A prototype of a small robot phone that doubles as a smartphone, called RoboHon (combo of the words robot and phone). The company Sharp, a Japanese electronics manufacturer is making this prototype. It’s 19,5 cm long, weights 0.39 kilograms, has a 2-inch screen on the back and a camera and projector in its face. It reminds you to do something or to smile for the camera. It can dance, call, email, walk and understand. Also RoboHon can identify the voice and face of the person. The creator, Tomotaka Takahashi designed the robot so people can talk to their smartphone.


Why is it cool?

Robohon will always be together with its owner, there will be a lot of involvement and maybe it will even expel loneliness. Stress in daily life will decrease, people who use RoboHon will be more conscious of their actions and life will get easier. In short there will be a more general comfort. Also online and offline are getter more intertwined; the robot (online) is connected with the person (offline) in real life, they can communicate with each other. This technology will be in the future your best friend.

What sort of development?

This development in technology will launch in 2016, this new smartphone can become a real friend for the human population. So if you feel lonely, stressed and your thoughts are all over the place, RoboHon will be the cute friend you need.

Sharp RoboHon






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