The new world of movies

What is this new world?

The first virtual reality Pop-up cinema in Amsterdam. It will open on the 31st of October. Because of the 360 degrees scene people can become acquainted with this virtual reality gear. This new development takes them to a next level of watching movies. They get an experience as if in the movie were an actual virtual world. It’s an initiative from Jip Samhoud, owner from &samhoud media. The virtual reality gear was invented because Samhoud wants to give his consumers a special experience.

Why is it cool?

Since 2009 ‘Virtuality and Involvement’ has become a big evolution. This concept is a new way of looking at movies in the Netherlands. People want to be amazed, transformed and surprised by products. With the virtual reality gear they feel involved with the main characters in contrast to the movie where you just look at a screen. The experience is very interesting and innovative. The consumer will surely not easily forget this experience. ”It’s almost like theatre!” said Jip Samhoud himself.

How can it be reality?

Technologisation is an important megatrend in business necessary to manage succesfull products. And so can this new GearVR be.



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