The experience in a ruinous and historic puddingfactory

Today I went to the puddingfactory ‘Javero’ in Venlo, Venlo is a city in the south of the Netherlands. I will cause my experience in a model, called the experience model from van Gool en Wijngaarden.

The experience from the puddingfactory

Content    The puddingfactory is a historic building in the city centre of Venlo. When construction workers were renovating the building, they discovered it was more than just an old building. In 1520 a wealthy merchant built it to manage different types of work, like the puddingfactory. The owner wants to invite everybody to take a look for the first and last time at this special, historic and in some cases even slum monument, so people will know the future and maybe become interested.

Puddingfabriek voor restauratie

Shape    Because the monument is very old and crumbling, a group of people decided to decorate the rooms with beautiful flowers and fashion design. As a result of this, the rooms become more lively and cheerful. This group of people, named ‘The girls from the puddingfactory’, is a team of creative business professionals and could tell the visitors something about their jobs, their reasons why they decorated the monument and what they want with the rooms in the future. And a women who studied history about the Middle Ages could inform us about the discovery and restoration. In the future, the rooms on the ground floor will become commercial companies and the rooms on the first and second floor will become apartments.



Psychosocial framework

Individual    When my mother told me about the factory I was very enthusiastic and curious, because I never heard about it before. That was the mainly reason I went to this monument. Before the visit I did a little bit of deskresearch, where I found the history and discovery. The reason from the owner is according to my opinion an accurate reason, this was also my reason to visit it. I expected that the puddingfactory was an old and ruinous building with a lot of rooms and devices to make the pudding. This forecast was released in part, because there were no devices present. My experience in the factory was a bit special and odd. It’s strange and funny to imagine a factory where they made pudding a long time ago. And because the factory is in the city centre you could see Venlo in a very different way you normally did. Also the information, how they discovered the factory was very interested.


Social environment    I went to the puddingfactory with my parents, aunt and uncle. Because my family is interested in history I had a total other experience in contrast to when I visit it with a friend. My friends are not very concerned with history, therefore I would probably not even visit this factory. So this experience has depended on the people.


My experience

This is a memorable experience, because this was my first time in a puddingfactory. It was fascinated to visit and I will remember it for a very long time.


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