The hostel for generation Y

A hostel is a semi-nice and cheap place to stay when you are visiting a city. You can meet new people from all around and socialize with them.But how can we make these hostels attractive for generation Y? By making them completely modernised.


A hostel/hotel in a central part of Amsterdam, called CityHub. A hub is a sleep unit, it offers the privacy and comfort of a hotel, but the affordability of a hostel. CityHub has fifty futuristic private cabins to sleep in. However, you have to share the bathroom with others. Each cabin is fully equipped; it contains a big, double bed, your own wifi in conjunction with T-Mobile, mood lighting you can control with an app and a personal music streaming system. There are fifty futuristic cabins in total.


They also made a travel guide app, where City Hubbers can get in touch to share discoveries, events and suggestions with each other. The app has a chatbox, where the guests can connect and share new hotspots in the city. Furthermore, with this app you can control such things as the mood lighting, the alarm and stream music in your own hub. Guests will get a wristband. With this cool band, you can open your hub door, enter CityHub and buy yourself a drink at the self-service bar.


CityHub wants to make this hostel interesting for generation Y, the new and young travelers. Because of the strategic location, the guests will feel like a real local. This generation wants to share their experience online, but they also want to socialize with insiders from the city and get tips from people who live there and not only from tourist booklets. And of course, the CityHosts can tell you something about their experience with the city and their interests. On top of that, they created a Mi-Fi hotspot in conjunction with T-Mobile to discover the city. So CityHub contributes to an ultimate travel experience.



This hostel brings the experience in the product itself, it will bring the essence back. It goes back to the really enriching and empowering products. A hostel is usually a location where (mostly young) people can socialize. CityHub gets guests together, they are only alone in their cabin. Because of all the gadgets, the patrons will get curious about the user experience of the innovative hubs and designs from the products. They want to try the experience in CityHub with each other.


More and more people live separately. Through individualization, there will be a movement for personal identity. In contrast to individualization, there is socialization. These people have the need to be together and focus on people who have for example the same interests. CityHub responds to these needs. In the future accommodations, such as CityHub, will be a normal habit through all the facilities. And will maybe be for all the generations.

City Hub wristband



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