A single room with a single book

What is this room?

A small bookstore, called Morioka Shoten, in Tokyo. This room sells only one book and it changes weekly. It’s a very minimal gallery; bare walls and sparse ceilings. On the walls the consumer will find artwork, photographs and items that are related to the book to give it more context. The only furniture is a vintage chest, the table presenting the book and a working desk. The book is the centre of the room.

Who invented it and why?

The proprietor is Yoshiyuki Morioka, a bookstore clerk, invented it. He wanted to create an exhibition inspired by a single book. The thought of Morioka was to offer a pleasure of reading the book, deeper understanding and a better and closer relationship with its reader. Besides that he wants to create awareness about the possibilities we can do and choices we can make.

Why is it cool?

This is a refreshing change for bookstores. Nowadays you don’t know what to choose through all the choices and decisions you can make. This store forces you to reminder to slow down and be conscious what and how we buy things. Morioka Shoten is a refreshing and inspiring place where young people will get guidance. Sometimes it’s nice to have someone that will choose for you.

Who will like it?

The generation after 1991, Unicorns according to MARE research, that grown up online want to have this guidance. MARE research called it ‘cool curation’. They don’t have to make any difficult decisions. What they get is just one book in one store. Visitors will get a very special and unique experience in the bookstore on account of the one and only book they can choose. It’s just the question you have to answer: ‘Do I like this book, yes or no?’








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