Smartest Beer Brewing Machine

What is the MiniBrew?

It’s a small batch beer brewing machine. This machine ensures the user you can brew your own beer at home. All the processes that will be necessary by brewing beer is in this single machine. This is the first successful device that has been able to do this in the home brewing industry. An app controls the MiniBrew. With this app your can create your own personal taste and start the brewing progress.

Who made it?

This beer brewing machine was founded by two men from Holland. A specialist in small batch brewing and a software specialist followed their team after the starting. This occupation made the MiniBrew to brewing beer easier for the user and increase the tastes of beer.

How can I use it?

First the user has to fill natural ingredients in the system. The next step is to mash, where water will mixing with grist. Others steps are an automatic transferring, for example the boiling and cleaning. The last step is to tap on the key to get beer in your glass. With the app you can start the progress of any location you want, make your own taste and give you instructions how to brewing.

Why is it cool?

The MiniBrew gives users a whole experience of brewing beer. The journey to your personal taste of beer is more important than the actuel beer, serendipity. The user is interested in discovering this new proces instead of the beer itself. Moreover this machine is a way of aunthenticity. It goes back to the real and essential story of beer. These users experience the craft of brewing this product, ofcourse this is a simplified way. Further through this app they feel involment with the process and makes it a special skill.







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