Priceless fashion



The ShareWear collection, it’s an initiative from Sweden. They made a ready-to-share collection of Swedish fashion pieces to give people on the internet the opportunity to borrow these clothes. ShareWear collection is part of Sweden’s Democreativity Initiative, it’s a platform where they promote and create new ideas about a different topic each year. This year the topic is creativity and the megatrend sustainability within the fashion industry. The collection is co-created by Swedish fashion designers. The first pieces are made by different and prominent Swedish fashion brands, for example Filippa K, NIKOLAJ d’ETOILES, Hope, House of Dagmar and Weekday.


The pieces of fashion will be shared on Instagram. The first person who posts a comment on the picture will be the lucky one to borrow the item. The owner of the item can wear the piece for one week, after this week he/she will give the piece to a new borrower by reposting it on Instagram with the hashtag #sharewear. And so it continues. The owner has the responsibility to leave the item in the same condition as he/she got it.



There are enough clothes that are able to have a second life with a new owner. Although there are thousands of clothes thrown away in many countries. And all these items could be recycled, donated to others or repurposed, from a ready-to-wear to a ready-to-share collection. ShareWear collection aims to inspire people to be more sustainable and conscious about fashion. On top of that, the initiative is good for your wallet, the environment and you make someone happy by sharing your clothes.


This sustainable idea of sharing clothes may be the new way of being aware of fashion. It’s accessible to everybody. Through the complete progress from winning and getting the item up to giving it to the next person, the wearer feels exclusive and special when wearing the borrowed piece. Furthermore the value of an article of clothing isn’t only about the brand and designer. It’s also about the story behind the item.


The ShareWear collection disagrees with the fast fashion, the fast fashion giants who spread their huge amount of cheap clothing and fast changing collections. Someday this method will disappear and will be exhausted, sharing clothes will be the new approach to everyday clothing. By choosing the clothes you wear, you basically reflect your identity. And by choosing your look, you can change your emotional state on mind.



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