Is it safe?

There has been a lot of violence last year, for example the terrorist attacks in Brussels. Because of this, people have gotten anxious and don’t want to visit the city anymore. How can we show these tourists that these places in question are still a pleasure to visit? By connecting them with residents from Brussels.



It’s an international campaign, called #CallBrussels of They placed three telephone cabins in the city Brussels on three places; Molenbeek, Flagey and Monts des Arts. From these cabins people, from all over the world, can phone someone in Brussels. Residents can reply to their questions about the city. For example; ‘How is life in Brussels?’ or ‘Is it safe to visit Brussels?’ or ‘Did you see some people who are fighting with guns or bombs?’ Moreover, the foreign tourists can observe the atmosphere for themselves. A webcam transmits all these conversations to the site.


Because of all the terrorism during the past year, tourists have become suspicious and alienated with the city and have their qualms about visiting. So the government wanted to convince these tourists that Brussels still is a very attractive place to be for potential overseas visitors. Because normal inhabitants answer the questions, the district proves the confidence of the comments. It’s the essence to re-establish the image of the city. Life goes on, also for the inhabitants from Brussels, in contrast with the media that’s made a fuzz about it according to a resident.


This campaign is a unique way to get positive attention back for Brussels. Through sharing the experiences and knowledge of inhabitants with potential visitors, they get an honest description and clarity. Furthermore, the visitors receive a different picture of a city then the media shows them. They call inhabitants and ask them for advice and ignore all the information on certain media platforms, this empowers the people of Brussels and gives them back their city. And maybe through that one call, a very memorable connection will emerge.


#CallBrussels of brings people together. They can have a nice chat with each other and socialize. So it fits in the theme: socialization. People get the chance to speak to someone halfway around the world. This campaign infers the need of socializing. A good conversation influences a person’s state of mind in a positive way. If this campaign will be a huge success, more cities can also accept this and use it in different circumstances. Because of this, people will maybe trust residents more than the media and the news.






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