A lot of homeless people live in horrible conditions. They are dealing with violence, addictions, abject poverty and other terrible problems. How can we solve this problem when they cannot be avoided? By remodeling living conditions to liveable environments.



Abandoned manholes, which are remodeled to three underground rooms for homeless people. These contemporary installations are called Borderlife. The first room is referred to as a very tiny bathroom with a shower, the second is a living room with a painting of Raphael and the last one is a small kitchen with kitchen utensils and an atmospheric plant. An Italian street artist Biancoshock recently built them in a quarter in Milan, Lodi. An example of inspiration for the artist is Bucharest, a city where more than 600 people live underground, mostly in the sewers. So we also can think about these, who are normally are been overlook.


This art project reacts on the dilemma of homeless people. According to Biancoshock homelessness cannot be avoided, so then it’s important to make these problems comfortable by using unused space. The created liveable manholes give the homeless people an opportunity to take care of themselves. Citizens give homeless people the feeling they are understood and accepted. Hence, homeless people can feel a more equivalent sentiment when going to one of the manholes. Furthermore, it’s whole self-supporting and accessible for people around Milan, so anyone is capable of using it.


This signal matches with socialization, for the reason that citizens are accepting and helping the disadvantaged of the world. When there are more manholes going to be built, homeless people don’t have to go anymore to the shocking and barbaric living conditions in the future. Hopefully, they will be accepted in society. They can have a better well-being in the field of health. And can maybe start a new positive life!

If you want to read the documentation about homeless people in Bucharest, click here (it’s in Italian).



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