Floating pods

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor floating pods gurgaon

Almost one million people live in Gurgaon, a city in India. Because of this huge amount, traveling has become a lot more consuming: time spent in traffic jams, waiting for busses, all crammed on trains, congestion, etc. How can we reduce these traffic problems? The answer: opening a fast transport line that uses pods  to diminish congestion.


Driverless taxi pods that are called MISTER. A public transportation system for cities, which will travel 10 meters above the streets of Gurgaon. This Indian city doesn’t have a local government, with normal functions, there is hardly any government in Gurgaon at all. Because of the population density (nearing one million people at this point), it’s very difficult to travel on roads. The personal rapid transit (PRT) pods will reduce congestion. If the project is completed, there will be 16 stations over the eight-mile span between New Delhi and Gurgaon. There will be 1100 driverless taxi pods in operation and each one will be able to hold five passengers.

Gurgaon had a population of approximately 173,000 in 2001. Today, it's nearing 1 million, with residents living in garbage-strewn shanties and luxury high-rises.

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They work just like any other public transit system. You can wait at a station for your pod. Get into the pod and it will bring you to your destination (with an average speed of 70 kilometers per hour). The system is unaffected by adverse weather and will operate 24/7 in all weather conditions. You can use it for journeys to the airport, the hospital, work, et cetera. Also, the taxi pods have a function for transporting goods and waste. More than that, there is an option to pay more for an express pod. This pod will go straight to your destination without any stops.


The consequences of pollution can be seriously reduced by using the pods because they eliminate a lot off exhaustion from traffic on the roads. Besides, it’s possible to change destination while in transit, so they will increase flexibility of the passenger. Because there are so many pods available, people can always travel to their destination. Also, it can be assured that they will arrive at their destination on time. Because of this, I think this easy and sustainable way will be embraced by places all over the world. Every company, which will invest in the PRT system, will make its money back in 25 years. So by generating revenue it removes the need for subsidies. Through these pods, the day-to-day reality of traffic problems will be a thing of the past.










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