the Berlin bike lane concept

There are a lot of cars being used in the world. This isn’t good for the environment. How can we encourage each other to use other means of transportation? By making an effective bike lane at a beneficial place, such as underneath a metro lane.


A prospective bike lane in Berlin under the U1-bahn. According to architects and designers Berlin will become a true city for bikers because of this concept. They designed an indoor bike lane of nine kilometers. It will bring you from the West of Berlin to the centre of the city. Furthermore, it will have a practical connection with public transport. Up till now, cars have been parked underneath the U1-bahn. Through this bike lane, the creators want there to be fewer cars parked in the area.


This bike lane will be accessible for everyone. It is an effortless system and an easy way to go to your destination because the lane will pass by a lot of places. At the moment, there are more than three million people living in Berlin. For the people who’d rather leave their car on the outskirts of the city, the bike lane will be a great solution. Moreover, the bikers will have a careless ride, when riding on the lane. Because they will get precedence to traffic lights through the Green Wave. And you can stop by a drive-in café for a nice cup of coffee or a snack, a Biergarten or service station where you can pump your bicycle tire. You will get a wholesome experience!


Thanks to a pressure sensitive underground, the vibrations of the bicycles will be converted into electricity. So the bike lane will produce energy in a sustainable way. This can be a motivation for people to use the designed bike lane. If the new lane gets accepted and used by many people in the world, freeways can be replaced by bike lanes. Because of this, the consequences of the emission will not become a bigger problem than it is now. On top of that, the city will be more liveable, because of its accessibility!



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