Being distracted while walking with a smartphone is a really big problem. This could lead to very serious accidents. So how can we prevent this? By making sure pedestrians see the traffic lights by putting them in the sidewalks themselves.


Installed red flashing lights in the sidewalk at intersections for texters, who are glued to their smartphone. They are implanted in the streets of Augsburg, Germany. This new way of traffic lights have been placed especially for pedestrians. We could also call them ‘pedtextrians‘, who text while walking. According to scientists, these people walk differently when they are on their phones. Furthermore, studies have shown that due to distracted walkers there has been an increase in injury and deaths. Therefore, these traffic lights could be a way to deal with ‘pedtextrians’.


It’s a fact that 1 in 3 people are distracted at dangerous intersections. Because of this, people can get seriously injured. This isn’t only a problem with pedestrians. It is estimated that around 10 to 15 people a year dies because they are texting or calling while driving. This is the government’s way of dealing with and accepting the rising problem of the digital era. They feel a sense of responsibility for pedestrians. Through these new traffic lights can give pedestrians a feeling of safety when walking mindlessly.


As many as 1 in 6 youths are addicted to social media. They always want to be online with friends and don’t want to miss anything. Because of this, young people get distracted and don’t play any attention to things, which are important. It’s funny, individualization is a big movement in the world, but we also want to be online 24/7 with our friends. If these red flashing lights become a normal thing, more and more everyday activities will be adjusted to this way of life. In the future, maybe society will finally fit in the individualised humanity.




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