Are you sitting right now? That’s bad…

Sedentary (sitting) behaviour isn’t good for your health. The negative consequences are an increasing risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. How can we improve this behaviour? By alternating your body position by means of alternative furniture.



Being sedentary, being in a seated position, for hours at a time is very bad for our health according to a study. It doubles the risk of diabetes, heart disease and premature death. You can also say; sitting is the new smoking. The problem isn’t solved when people undertake routine exercise. When we are sitting our bodies think we are in energy storage mode. This leads to an increase in the level of glucose in the blood and a reduction of good cholesterols. All of these differences increase the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.


There are new ways to prevent ill health. The solution is to alternate your body position regularly. Switch from sitting to walking, from walking to lying et cetera. Of course, you can improve your health very easily; shun the lift and take the stairs, walk when taking a phone call, get up and walk around the room in meetings. Companies, primary schools and universities are working on this problem of being sedentary for hours. They replaced their normal furniture for alternative desks and chairs. And in this way, you will exercise your muscles, be poised and get a better concentration.


Due to the modern age, sedentary behavior starts at a young age. Of the 4- to 11-your-olds is 43 percent of them more than 2 hours a day busy with television or their tablet. Furthermore, all these alternative types of furniture are a new, fun and efficient manner of studying. It improves our ability to learn and our creativity. If the new furniture will be available for employees and students, they will try it and maybe accept it. Because they can get anxious about their health. This has already started in several schools and offices. Through this, there will start a lucrative market revolving around the notion of the ‘healthy office’. Hopefully, all these alternatives will be a normal thing in the future and will hugely benefit our health.




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